25.Pansy Ho | Shun Tak Holdings Limited

July 5, 2017

MGM China executive director and head of Shun Tak Pansy Ho talks about tourism, the Pearl River Delta economy and about being a woman in leadership in the final episode of Biz Leader season one. Tune in to hear Ho share her take on the region and gaming related sector over the past and next 20 years.


24.Jonathan Choi | Sunwah Group

June 21, 2017


With 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty on the horizon we talk with Jonathan Choi about the importance of the Hong Kong and mainland China business relationship.  Jonathan not only leads a successful business venture, but is also is an influential member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.


23.Vivek Pathak | International Financial Corporation

June 13, 2017

From a career in the sciences to banking that benefits the developing world, Vivek Pathak the Director for East Asia & Pacific of International Financial Corporation shares the inside processes of the IFC as well as his rules of being a great leader.


22.Paul Li | Simmons & Simmons

June 7, 2017

Boutique law firm Simmons and Simmons’ Head of Asia Paul Li successfully parlayed an internship, and art history degree, into a 28-year career navigating cross border quandaries and irate regulators for money makers riding Asia’s decades’ of growth. Listen as Li takes us through his rise from aspiring artist to consigliere to Asia-focused private bankers and asset managers.


21.Alfred Chan | Towngas

May 31, 2017

Grit and getting in at the ground floor has fueled Towngas' rise from single city utility operator to multinational energy and chemical concern. Hear from managing director Alfred Chan on the 155 year old company's enormous inroads in Asia under his more than 2 decade stewardship.


20.Mark Brown | Imperial Pacific International

May 24, 2017

Donald Trump’s protege Mark Brown is opening a US$ 7.1 billion resort and casino on the small US Island of Saipan. Hear Brown explain this exclusive 40 year monopoly license which has few restrictions.


19.Helmuth Hennig | Jebsen Group

May 17, 2017


Helmuth Hennig is hand of the king to Jebsen & Co, a family owned Hong Kong-based Danish trading company bridging China’s marketplace with the West’s greatest brands for more than 120 years. Hennig shares how Jebsen & Co navigated and prospered through China’s decades’ of growth. 



18.Winnie Tang | Esri China (HK) Ltd.

May 10, 2017

Dr. Winnie Tang’s love for maps has led her to a career in the 4th largest privately-owned software company in the world. Dr. Tang explains the huge and dynamic world of geographic information systems and how this digital mapping is making our cities ‘Smart’ and shaping our everyday lives.


17.Robert Warman | Langham Hospitality Group

May 2, 2017

Langham Hospitality Group CEO Robert Warman shares his hotelier’s role in shaping luxury hotel experiences over its 152-year old legacy as the premier lodge of choice.


16.Bruce Fetter | St John Knits

April 25, 2017

Bruce Fetter helms venerated US-fashion house St Johns Knits.  The 55-year-old company embarks on its’ greatest venture as it delves into the China market.  Fetter talks about the Irvine, California clothier’s core values in an age of globalised supply chains, points of sales and markets.