15.Thomas Flohr | VistaJet

April 19, 2017

Thomas Flohr has changed the rules of private air travel after decades in high finance and holds claim to the world's most extensive network of private aircraft which you can take for US$16,000 an hour. Tune into this week's episode to get a birds' eye view of Flohr's stratagem and ride the hot seat as Flohr talks about how his business model stands out globally. Listen to the full podcast at www.bizleader.com or find us on iTunes/Stitcher/Ximalaya


14.Joe Ngai | McKinsey & Company

April 12, 2017

McKinsey & Company has a 91 year reputation for taking businesses to the next level or in some cases to their demise. Never the less it is a sought out place to work and thrive. Joe Ngai, Director and Managing Partner for McKinsey in Hong Kong lets us know what it takes. Move up or get out!


13.Nicholas Brooke | Professional Property Services

April 5, 2017

Investing in the right property can be daunting, one of the reason you would seek advice from a chartered surveyor such as Nicholas Brooke, chairman for Professional Property Services. From property guru for royalty in the middle east to the development of Swire Properties in Hong Kong. Hear his approach to successful property investments.


12.Yat Siu | Outblaze

March 29, 2017

This week we talk GAMES with the CEO of Outblaze and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands. With hundreds of apps and millions of monthly downloads Yet Siu gives an inside look to what makes a successful game and how he built a business around it.


11.David Udell | Hyatt Hotels

March 22, 2017

David Udell Group President for Asia Pacific of Hyatt Hotels gives us a look into the unique world of Hyatt hospitality. Their approach to capture an audience through emotional and personal connection has been a key strategy to a successful market.


10.Emmanuel Vivant | Hong Kong Tramways

March 14, 2017

This week we explore the unique and historical tramways of Hong Kong. Over a century old these double decker trams still offer the cheapest and greenest way to get around the city. Emmanuel Vivant, CEO of RATP Dev Transdev Asia & Managing Director of Hong Kong Tramways shares the evolution, challenges and importance of the HK Tram.


9.Douglas Young | G.O.D.

March 1, 2017

Douglas Young the hand of god, or rather Hong Kong's G.O.D. -  part Bed Bath and Beyond, part designers dream den, with an aesthetic flair akin to a Wong Kar-wai film. Young talks to Biz Leader about the tribulations in touting this quintessentially Hong Kong brand and on their overseas expansion plans.


8.Weber Lo | Citi Bank

February 22, 2017

Weber Lo, Hong Kong’s Citi Country Officer and CEO talks with us about the banking industry in Hong Kong and how Citi bank stands globally. He also gives personal advice about working in the industry and how to excel in your career. 


7.Henry Tan | Luen Thai Holdings Ltd

February 15, 2017

Luen Thai went from a humble shipping concern into a real estate, energy, sashimi and luxury bag behemoth.  CEO Henry Tan shares insights into the family business - how they manage corporate and family lines with such a wide portfolio.


6.Jonathan Stone | Christie’s

February 8, 2017

Christie’s Head of International Asian Art Jonathan Stone has witnessed a remarkable evolution in art auctions - from a veritable British monopoly to one now populated by the global elite. Stone delves into how Chinese collectors are reshaping the auction space, with both buyer and sellers quickly adapting to ever accelerating changes faster than you can say, “going once, twice, sold.”